Shipping & Fulfillment

Your orders can be fulfilled by different suppliers.

We carefully select the fulfillment partner for each product and order by an advanced routing algorithm at the time of ordering.

Therefore your order may be delivered in separate packaging on different dates. We apologize for this inconvenience.

In most cases, products are fulfilled at the closest production center. Sometimes due to reasons such as stock availability, orders may be shipped internationally even if a fulfillment center exists within your country.

We print and pack your order within 1 - 3 business days

Shipping time within the United States: 2 - 5 days

Shipping time to Europe: 8 - 14 days


In this case we only need to produce what's ordered and will not leave us with lots of unsold stock. Because we produce POD (Print On Demand), pricing is a bit more expensive than products made in large quantities and fulfillment might take a bit longer than you're used to, when purchasing something online. Cost wise and from a sustainable point of view we send out our products in simple packaging. This might look a bit cheap when you will receive our products. We apologize for this. But in this case we do not have to produce fancy and expensive packaging, which will be thrown away immediately. We like to keep it as simple as possible. ;-)